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Pulse Helps ATB Bring in New Customers and a New – Better – Bottom Line

With more than 1 300 stores located in 279 points throughout the country, ATB is one the leading grocers in Ukraine certainly and one of the fastest growing in the last few years, independent of the current health crisis.

ATB + Pulse
I Love ATB

While the brand is no stranger to Ukrainians, new venues always need a little help to bring in new customers. Enter Pulse Sale Management & Marketing – one of Kyiv’s longest-standing marketing agencies and a leader in BTL operations.

As the supermarket chain is ever ready to continue growing, recent cooperation with ATB has kept us busy. Focusing on the group’s BTL needs, various personnel is regularly required and in various venues around the country; some of which are in the deepest most far-reaching corners.

Flag-wavers carrying the ATB logo always draw attention, but the real crowd-pleaser is the company superhero – ATB-man. Paying homage to the Superman of DC Comics, the local Ukrainian hero pulls on tights and dons a cape in the same colours as the company brand, enticing locals to come and get their hands on outstanding deals in-store.

ATB + Pulse
ATB employees ready to work

If that wasn’t enough, hostesses greet customers at the door with brochures of specials, charm shoppers around the culinary counter, and keep coffee-drinkers entertained with an opportunity to make themselves a delicious cup of brew using the most exclusive machines.

Within the last month alone, the brand has opened 25 stores throughout the country. For optimal BTL exposure, Pulse focuses on shops within the capital as well as at the national level, and in December alone we worked with 54 different locations. Rotating venues every five days, approximately 80 new personnel need to be hired, trained, and managed with great precision. It’s an ever-evolving endeavour and one we take on with great pride.

With our synergy of European expertise and nearly 30 years of Ukrainian experience, we have been working with ATB since 2020 and are thrilled to be able to provide the supermarket chain with the kind of service they not only expect but deserve. Not only that, but we look forward to doing the same with you too.

Pulse. We love what we do. We do what we promise.

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