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financial  solutions

many of the projects we take on are long-term, which speaks to our endurance, efficiency, and easy-going manner.


attractive pricing. unique resources: get in touch to see how we can legally optimise your taxation questions and increase savings to your business to provide you with extremely affordable marketing solutions

at pulse, we like a challenge, and together with you - our clients, we create unique, sustainable, and measurable solutions, that don’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them.
here's what we can do for you:

search and screen candidates according to your criteria

create options for salaries that include official employment as company employees, civil contracts, or private entrepreneur status

calculate salaries to staff employees

calculate all applicable personnel and company taxes

calculate vacation allowance and compensation for unused vacation

calculate dismissal pay and other payments stipulated by law

administer payroll and tax calculation

prepare quarterly and yearly tax reports, dues, and fees

prepare all reports concerning private entrepreneurs

prepare all items concerning pensions

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