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sales  management

pulse clients know they are working with a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals who take great pride in delivering results.

it's no secret - we like winning. and when you win - we all win.


we cover the full product supply chain

factory / importer> distributor> retail> consumer

if sales management is what you're after

there's a few things we can have a look at for you:

define your target supply channels and the best strategy to approach each of them

search, select, and contract

regional distributors in more than 30 sectors of FMCG goods / consumer electronics



develop commercial terms across the entire supply chain

recruit, train, and manage national sales, distribution, and merchandising teams

our turnkey solutions contain all of the core management and operational responsibilities you can think of (and maybe even a few more you haven't)

in-depth research and evaluation opportunities

in-market merchandising standards and product information development

retail access and fee payments

reporting system customisation, allowing real-time direct access to your personal database

success stories

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