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creative &  production

you won't find the red tape of bureaucracy here at pulse: we're quick to respond to any concern, putting your ideas into action.


our creative department provides a full cycle of exceptional marketing services including creative concept, design, and production


the core team at pulse

has been
together for


the cohesion that comes from this kind of experience means we prepare and implement effective projects for brands here in ukraine and beyond

pulse has an incredibly experienced design team.
here's what we can do for you:

corporate style development

provide naming and logo

create corporate slogan and promo texts

create corporate color scheme and fonts

design packaging and labels

craft corporate documentation style:  business cards, letterheads, templates, etc

design uniforms and oversee production

structure mass media advertising

create printed handouts, including booklets, brochures

oversee production of souvenirs and gifts

oversee corporate vehicle branding

POS material design and production, including displays, eye-stoppers, shelf-wobblers, shelf-talkers

event materials design and production

packaging design

outdoor design, including light boxes, 3-D elements, signs

large-format design and print, including big boards, city lights, banners

3-D modeling and production, including displays, dispensers, stands

public transport design and production 

success stories

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