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we like a challenge, and together with you - our clients, we create unique, sustainable, and measurable solutions, which are fully committed to exceeding your goals and expectations.


at pulse, you get full merchandising support in key accounts, traditional retail, and specialised retail


any merchandising project may be set up in one of a few ways:

dedicated team
we recommend a dedicated merchandising team for companies with a wide product portfolio to maximise focus and efficiency. efforts are concentrated on one "portfolio" of products to yield the best results in shelf management. depending on the product range and coverage, a merchandiser may be displayed in 5-7 key retail outlets and up to 20-25 traditional retail outlets.

shared merchandising
for companies needing to minimise expenses on merchandising, this is a good option. the merchandiser may feature 5-7 product portfolios in one outlet, allocating an agreed time slot to each portfolio.

night shift merchandising
this is a great service developed for key accounts in need of high efficiency and speed, where shelves are filled during the night shift so that shop displays are ready and restocked by morning.

hybrid merchandising

using this structure, the merchandiser works with a limited number of product portfolios (up to three) in up to three outlets. this is an excellent option for those companies that want to retain focus on their products and maintain high-quality service while keeping merchandising costs low.

your retail sales are our success stories, which always have a happy ending. here's a few things we can do for you:

shelf-filling on main shelf as well as off-location

product placement according to company merchandising standards

price tag and POSM placement

shelf share growth

manage stock according to the fifo principle

cleanliness control of display equipment and working conditions

on-line / off-line reporting, including product availability, out-of-stocks, price, shelf share, and competitor activity

out-of-stock correction

success stories

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