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Our synergy superpower

We would like to tell you about our visit to Cheburashka orphanage, which impressed us with its warmth, spontaneity and sincerity.

On the day of our visit, we were welcomed by 17 wonderful kids and the staff of the orphanage. In every word, action, and movement of the children, we could feel freedom, liberty, and sincerity. The children were happy to communicate, and told us about their lives, their experiences and emotions. While acquainting ourselves with the house, we were pleasantly surprised. Every room, every bed, every blanket was arranged with love and care in bright and cozy rooms. Presently there are already 21 children.

We continue to communicate, visit and support them! After all, the smiles of children, their laughter and joy in their eyes are the best reward. In the future, these children will have many more holidays, birthdays and just regular days that we can make so much brighter! We are grateful to fate for our meeting!

Sharing love and care, we are trying to make our world a better place!

Our synergy superpower is love and care for those who need it!

Support the flash mob and start your own amazing story of support and gratitude!

Happy children in a free country are the key to the prosperity of our country!

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