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Our First Foray into the Information Sphere

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Not sure who we are? Well, we’ve been busy in the last few years taking care of this or that. We’re back on the scene however and our PULSE is strong!

Pulse Ltd Ukraine
The Pulse Team

PULSE International has been in the marketing industry in Ukraine for more than 28 years. Combining strong local solutions with the expertise of western management, we’ve implemented more than 1 500 projects for clients such as ATB, Samsung, Kyivstar, Unilever, Syngenta, Carlsberg, Kimberly Clark, Henkel, and so many more.

In addition, PULSE is a respected member of the European Business Association (EBA), the International Association of Marketing Initiatives (MAMI), and the American Chamber of Commerce (AMC), and we follow all of the necessary standards of business in Ukraine and beyond.

How can we help you?

Sales Managementwe cover the full product supply chain, from factory/importer to distributor, retail, and consumer.

Merchandising – we provide full merchandising support in key accounts, traditional, as well as specialised retail.

Global Import – we ensure Ukrainians not only recognise your brand but make it an irreplaceable part of their lives.

Pulse Logistics – your products find their way into Ukraine in the most efficient manner and are delivered to their end-point without any hassle from your side.

Trade Marketing – we provide turn-key solutions for any promotion, including the development of creative concepts, detailed mechanics, production, uniforms, gifts, field execution, and so much more.

BTL – your below-the-line requirements are a synch with our long list of contractors.

Financial Solutions – thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the CIS, Pulse is able to navigate a not-always-so straight-forward business market and has acquired the skills necessary to optimise taxation ensuring significant savings to the client.

Creative & Production – our creative department provides a full cycle of services, including creative concept, design, pre-print and production, incorporating the client in every stage of the process.

Advertising – quality and effective outdoor, radio, and TV advertising for you brand, product, or event.

Your business is important and should be showcased in the best way possible. We can’t wait to help you with this and continue to strengthen your company’s PULSE.

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